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Megasealed Leaking shower repair services in Sydney

Posted on 2020-07-16

A leaking shower is never a good sign for a homeowner as it greatly reduces the value of any property. Urgency is key when it comes to leak repairs, so make it routine to check for shower leaks. If you suspect a leak call Megasealed, Sydney’s ISO accredited leak detection, re-grouting, tiling and waterproofing specialists.

Leak repairs are time sensitive. The longer it takes to fix a leak directly correlates to the amount of damage it has caused and therefore how much it will cost to get fixed. And you thought houses in Sydney couldn’t get any more expensive.

What more? A leaking shower can also cause the growth of mould in the bathroom walls. Mould not only tarnishes the appearance of your bathroom but can also compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Luckily, Megasealed is located all over sydney from the Eastern Suburbs to the Northern Beaches to the Central Coast and more.

Megasealed provide you with two options to make your shower as good as new!

The Tile Over Tile Service

Need to re-tile on a budget? Megasealed offers a fast, convenient, no demolition tile-over-tile service. If necessary, a repair of the waterproof membrane can be carried out before the new layer of shower tiles is laid.

Complete Retile Service
In some circumstances – whether due to customer preference or the extent of the damage – the ‘no tiles removed’ service may not be the most appropriate solution. In these cases, Megasealed offer a complete and fully licensed shower waterproofing and tiling service.

Megasealed is your one-stop solution for cost-effective ways to repair your leaking shower, sealing leaking shower recess, and waterproof your balcony in Sydney.

Time is of the essence if you want to control the extent of water damage. So, if you’re suspicious of anything from a running showerhead to a damp skirting board perhaps it’s time to give us a call on 1300 658 007 for a free in home quote today.