DIY: Tile Cleaning Solutions & Tips

Posted on 2018-11-30

tile cleaning tips Your tiles are looking a little on the grimy side, despite your scrubbing and scrounging, and the chemical burns on your knees aren’t helping either – as far as tile cleaning products go, brutal is better, right? Don’t be disheartened. While there’s no hard and fast rules about how to clean your bathroom tiles effectively,

there are tactics you can try to ensure your time is economically spent. Megasealed are tile experts, every day our team spend several hours face to face with bathroom and kitchen floors – it’s our job to know what works. Without further delay, follow our step by step guide to tile cleaningand gather some timeless tile cleaning tips to share with your friends.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Steam cleaning tiles is a fast way to wipe out a fine layer of dirt. If you’re a regular cleaner, that is, you don’t let it go for months at a time, the power of steam can lift dirt by opening the pores of the tiling and swoop up muck build up quite easily. Long term dirt and grime may require a 3 step process however, as we’ve found treating the tiles first, grout cleaning second and finishing it off with a nice long steam works best for those really dirty areas.

Pick the Right Products

tile cleaning products We’re sure you’ll agree, bleach is very extreme. Sure, it works, it burns and it peels layers of grime away with pure vengeance but the negative outweigh the benefits. The secret to cleaning is to do it more than once every three months – ideally, you should be scrubbing down your tiles once a week with a domestic grade tile and bathroom product. Megasealed have have formulated Megaclean, a safe and environmentally gentle tile cleaning solution – it’s rough on grime and mould, cutting through dirt easily and leaving behind a faint scent of eucalyptus. Megaclean Green cleans, disinfects, deodorises and purifies.

Get Into the Grout

Cleaning grout is just one of those things. Nobody enjoys it, it’s always difficult and the results you reap are mediocre at best – there’s always one stain you just can’t budge, no matter how hard you try. We have one question – when you’re set about cleaning grout, where do you start? Do you throw water down and slosh in some liquid, hopelessly moving around the same dirt patch? Read, study and learn.

Step 1: Get rid of all excess dirt, dust, hair and other loose stuff that will make your job harder – it’s blocking access to the grout!

Step 2: When the coast is completely clear, apply your chosen cleaning solution, ensuring every patch is covered in a thick layer – you will have to repeat this process a few times as the grout absorbs the cleaning product. Note the difference between saturated and covered.

Step 3: Leave the cleaner to do its work for 30 to 60 minutes – stains become less resilient over time.

Step 4: Put some elbow grease into it and give it a good working over with a hard bristled brush or a discarded toothbrush – you might want to experiment a little to see which gives you the best results.

Step 5: Rinse away the product and let dry. Still stained and dirty? Encore!