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Bathroom Inspection Checklist

Never judge a book by its cover, but always judge a home by its bathroom.

As a buyer or seller, a bathroom has the potential to make or break your final decision, this is because it is one of the key problem areas of any property. As you may well know, bathrooms are prone to leakage ultimately leading to moisture, mould and if left untreated, mayhem.

So, here are Megasealed’s tips to turn your bathroom from a deal breaker into a deal maker. 

A little bathroom rejuvenation before inspection can be as simple and easy as a cosmetic fix, so get out a rag and some Brasso and polish that steel to a high shine. Next, declutter. To a potential buyer your array of face balms and hair products are nothing but an eyesore, no one needs to know your skin care routine!

If your bathroom looks a little dated, give it a small ‘facelift.’

Replace old light fixtures, rails or taps with something new and trendy. A new set of towels might even do the trick.

Sometimes however, there are much more sinister problems at large, such as a leaking shower head or faucet. While a leak may look like an easy fix the case is often much more difficult and costly.

Is your bathroom smelling musty, is the paint peeling off the walls, is it damp and mouldy? If your answer is, yes. Perhaps hold off on the open houses until this is remedied.

The first step is to identify the source of the leak. With Megasealed’s non-invasive thermal imaging technology, we can save you unnecessary trouble and expense when it comes to identifying the source of the problem, without removing tiles.

If the source of the leak is internal you might need a new waterproofing membrane. Megasealed have the shower waterproofing experts to fix this problem as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We even do the clean-up.

Chipped and decaying grout is also a red flag for a potential buyer. At Megasealed our regrout solution is ideal to give your bathroom that ‘new’ look. Why not even go a step further and make it family friendly with our anti-slip tile coating technology?

When it comes to bathrooms, we know it’s easy to cut corners, but a leak can compromise the very foundations of your property; and any potential buyer isn’t willing to gamble on your DIY bathroom. Enlist a Megasealed professional today and let your bathroom sell itself. Going, going, gone!

Our standard Megasealed service is quicker, cleaner and more cost-effective than a tiles remove solution.

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One of the first in the business to fix leaks and renew wet areas without removing tiles, we’re proud pioneers of this revolutionary process.

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Depending on the most suitable solution for your situation, our Technicians will use our own unique and exclusive products to ensure the highest quality results.

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