marble restoration

Marble Restoration Sydney

Posted on 2018-11-30

Marble is renowned for its strength and beauty, but a few years normal wear and tear can leave it looking less than lustrous. Restoring the marble in your home can bring this natural product back to life, and Sydney has some of the best marble restorers in the country.

A professional marble restorer understands the nature of this stone, and can remove light scratches, remove or reduce stains, remove water damage, and normal wear and tear. Another common problem people have with their marble products is damage caused from using the wrong cleaning products. Chemical-based products in particular can permanently damage your marble, especially its delicate colours. A professional marble restorer can also advise on a cleaning routine that will help maintain the beauty of the stone.

After cleaning the marble, professionals like Megasealed also recommend sealing the stone. As most stones are alkali on the pH scale, they tend to attract dirt, which is also alkali. Sealing the stone means that dirt can no longer penetrate this naturally porous material, and if followed up with the suggested cleaning routine, your stone will stay beautiful for years to come. Megasealed has also developed a range of cleaning products specifically for marble to ensure its proper maintenance.

So, if you have been looking at the marble in your house of late and thinking it’s time to scrub, think restoration instead.