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Leaking shower repair in Tasmania

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Shower repair specialists mend leaks without the need to remove tiles

Looking for a leaking shower repair in Tasmania? Leaders in non-destructive leaking shower solutions, Megasealed Tasmania has been providing a convenient, affordable, and effective service for over 12 years. Our innovative approach is crafted to halt leaks without causing harm or necessitating the removal of tiles. Our reliable process saves you time, inconvenience, and money. In just a few hours, your shower will be completely sealed, restoring it to a shiny new appearance – all at a fraction of the cost!

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Protect your home from shower leaks with Megasealed Tasmania

Our advanced shower seal system is skillfully applied underneath the tiled surface or around its perimeter and waste, effectively repairing the underlying waterproof membrane. In most cases, Megasealed can complete the shower repair in just 3-4 hours, ensuring it’s ready for use the very next day.*

All Megasealed products boast resistance to mould and water, and they come in a range of colours to complement your bathroom’s decor.

Identify the Indicators of a Leaking Shower

When water infiltrates the space between your shower tiles, permeating the surrounding walls, ceiling, or floor, it can lead to rot, mould, and potentially structural damage. Mitigate these risks by reaching out to Megasealed Tasmania at the first sight of any warning signs.

megasealed peeling bubbling paint


Peeling, flaking or bubbling paint

megasealed cracked wall tiles

Cracked Walls

Cracked walls or tiles lifting off walls

Watermarks on the ceiling due to leaking shower


Watermarks on downstairs ceiling

megasealed damp mouldy

Damp & Mouldy

Damp and mouldy walls, carpets or cupboards

megasealed musty smell

Musty Smell

An unpleasant, musty smell

megasealed buckling floors

Buckling Floors

Buckling floors, swollen skirting boards and jamming doors

Tile grout discolouration

Tile or Grout Discolouration

Tile or grout discolouration in and around the shower

silicone deterioration

Silicone Deterioration

Silicone deterioration around the shower screen

What’s Causing Your Shower to Leak?

1. The building settles and moves

Showers may experience leaks due to various factors, with building movement emerging as the predominant cause. Whether the structure is settling into its foundations or expanding and contracting in response to weather changes, this natural movement has the potential to compromise internal systems.

2. The shower’s structural components crack

Due to this ongoing movement, cracks may surface in your shower seal, grout, tiles, and the junction between the floor and walls. Over time, these openings can permit water to gradually penetrate beneath the tiled surface, reaching the waterproofing membrane below.

3. The waterproof membrane is breached

Beneath your shower tiles lies a waterproofing membrane, serving as a barrier to prevent water from infiltrating surrounding areas. However, this protective layer can falter if improperly installed, exposed to building movement, or left to degrade, leading to water leakage that necessitates repair or replacement.