Leaking shower repair in Perth

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Leaking shower experts fix leaks without removing tiles

Need a leaking shower repair in Perth? Pioneers in non-destructive leaking shower repair, Megasealed Perth has been delivering a convenient, affordable and effective solution for over 15 years. Designed to stop leaks without damaging or removing tiles, our trusted process saves you time, hassle and money. In just a few hours, your shower will be fully sealed and looking shiny new – all for a fraction of the cost!

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Save your home from a leaking shower with Megasealed Perth

Our shower seal system can be applied underneath the tiled surface or around its perimeter and waste to repair the underlying waterproof membrane. Depending on the situation, Megasealed can typically repair your shower in just 3-4 hours, leaving it ready to use the very next day.*

All Megasealed products are resistant to mould and water, and available in a variety of colours to compliment your bathroom’s decor.

Spot the signs of a leaking shower

When water seeps between your shower tiles and into the surrounding walls, ceiling or floor, it can cause rot, mould and even structural damage. Avoid the risk by calling Megasealed Perth as soon as you notice any warning signs.

megasealed peeling bubbling paint


Peeling, flaking or bubbling paint

megasealed cracked wall tiles

Cracked Walls

Cracked walls or tiles lifting off walls

Watermarks on the ceiling due to leaking shower


Watermarks on downstairs ceiling

megasealed damp mouldy

Damp & Mouldy

Damp and mouldy walls, carpets or cupboards

megasealed musty smell

Musty Smell

An unpleasant, musty smell

megasealed buckling floors

Buckling Floors

Buckling floors, swollen skirting boards and jamming doors

megaseaeld missing grout

Missing Grout

Missing grout in the shower recess

Tile grout discolouration

Tile or Grout Discolouration

Tile or grout discolouration in and around the shower

silicone deterioration

Silicone Deterioration

Silicone deterioration around the shower screen

Why Does Your Shower Have a Leak?

icon 1
The building settles and moves

While showers may experience leakage due to various factors, the primary cause is typically structural shifts. Whether the building is adjusting to its foundation or expanding and contracting with changing weather conditions, this inherent movement can undermine the internal components.

icon 2
The shower’s structural components crack

Due to this ongoing movement, fissures may develop in the seal, grouting, tiles, and the junction between the floor and wall in your shower. Over time, these openings will permit a gradual infiltration of water beneath the tiled surface and into the waterproofing membrane below.

icon 3
The waterproof membrane is breached

Beneath your shower tiles, there resides a waterproofing membrane that serves the vital role of averting water intrusion into adjacent spaces. This safeguard may falter if it has been installed improperly, exposed to structural shifts, or allowed to degrade, resulting in water leakage that necessitates repair or replacement.


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