Leaking shower repair in Bunbury

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Our Experts Fix Leaks without removing tiles!

Experiencing a leaking shower in Bunbury? Look no further! Megasealed Bunbury, part of Megasealed South West WA, specialises in non-invasive leaking shower repairs, providing a reliable, cost-effective solution for over 15 years. Our innovative approach is designed to fix leaks without the need to remove or damage tiles, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Save time and money with our trusted process that seals your shower in just a few hours, leaving it looking brand new at a fraction of the cost!


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Save your home from a leaking shower with Megasealed Bunbury

Our advanced shower seal system is adaptable, capable of being applied beneath the tiled surface or around its perimeter and waste, effectively restoring the underlying waterproof membrane. Tailored to the specific situation, Megasealed can often complete your shower repair in a remarkably quick 3-4 hours.

Spot the signs of a leaking shower

When water seeps between your shower tiles and into the surrounding walls, ceiling or floor, it can cause rot, mould and even structural damage. Avoid the risk by calling Megasealed Sydney Central West as soon as you notice any warning signs.

megasealed peeling bubbling paint


Peeling, flaking or bubbling paint

Watermarks on the ceiling due to leaking shower


Watermarks on downstairs ceiling

megasealed damp mouldy

Damp & Mouldy

Damp and mouldy walls, carpets or cupboards

Tile grout discolouration

Tile or Grout Discolouration

Tile or grout discolouration in and around the shower

Why is your shower leaking?

1. The building settles and moves

While showers can leak for several reasons, the most common cause is building movement. Whether the structure is settling into its foundations or swelling and shrinking with the weather, this natural movement can weaken internal systems.

2. The shower’s structural components crack

As a result of this continuous shifting, cracks can appear in your shower seal, grout, tiles and floor to wall junctions. These gaps will gradually allow water to seep beneath the tiled surface and into the waterproofing membrane below.

3. The waterproof membrane is breached

A waterproofing membrane lies beneath your shower tiles, preventing water from penetrating surrounding areas. This barrier can fail if incorrectly installed, subjected to building movement or left to deteriorate, leaking water until repaired or replaced.