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Leaking balcony repair in Tasmania

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Transform Your Leaking Balcony

Ignoring a leaking balcony poses significant risks and potential financial repercussions. Fret not, Megasealed Tasmania emerges as your steadfast partner, offering tailored and cost-effective remedies designed specifically for property owners’ needs, servicing Hobart East, Hobart West & Launceston. With a pioneering presence in the industry since 1995, our dedication is evident in effectively resolving numerous balcony repair challenges each year. Choose unparalleled expertise – confide in Megasealed Tasmania for the ultimate balcony transformation.

Discover Megasealed Tasmania : Reasons for Superior Leaking Balcony Repairs

Proven Solutions

Immerse Yourself in the Benefits of Our Proven Solutions, meticulously crafted not just to address leaks but also to impede the advancement of water damage, ensuring the steadfast protection of your balcony's structural integrity.

Local Expertise

In Hobart & Launceston, our team comprehends the distinctive challenges posed by our local environment, guaranteeing precise and effective solutions for balcony repairs.

Safety First

Serious safety risks and enduring structural problems arise from leaking balconies. At Megasealed Tasmania, our unwavering commitment is to ensure your safety and the long-term durability of your property.

Customised Aesthetics

Enhance the Visual Charm of Your Balcony with our Product Range, boasting an extensive array of colours. These products not only introduce a touch of visual flair but also deliver robust resistance against mould and wear, guaranteeing a perfect blend of style and durability for your space.

Megasealed Revolutionises Living Spaces on Space Invaders

Embark on a captivating journey across Australia as families confront a clutter crisis, seeking a transformative solution. Dive into the impactful role played by Megasealed in helping these families revitalise their showers and balconies, turning them into completely new and welcoming spaces! Experience the expertise of our team in action on Space Invaders.

Spot the signs of a leaking balcony

A leaking balcony brings long-term structural issues, expensive damage and safety risks if left untreated. To avoid these consequences, call Megasealed Tasmania to arrange balcony waterproofing repair the moment you notice a warning sign.


Cracking to tiles or grout

White Efflorescence / Calcification

White efflorescence (a powdery deposit that discolours external surfaces) or Calcification in grout joints

Drummy Tiles

Drummy or loose tiles

Water Damage

Water damage to paint, plaster or timber

Poor Draining

Poor draining or water pooling due to inappropriate fall


Watermarks on the ceiling below your balcony

Unveiling the Causes Behind Your Leaky Balcony

Have you ever wondered about the reasons behind your balcony’s proneness to leaks? In Hobart and Launceston, balconies face unique challenges that contribute to water seepage. Our solutions are intricately designed, with a keen focus on addressing the distinct challenges posed by our cities.

  1. Wet Climate of Tasmania

The climate in TAS is notorious for its extremes, subjecting your balcony to the harshest conditions. Relentless exposure to Australia’s challenging weather makes it highly susceptible to water seepage. To counter this, your balcony not only requires efficient drainage but also robust protection against the elements.

  1. Building Movements

Every structure has its rhythm, expanding and contracting as it settles and responds to local weather patterns. This constant movement can result in cracks in tiles and grout lines, creating vulnerable points. When rainwater infiltrates these gaps, it not only triggers leaks but also fosters mould growth, further compromising the structural integrity.

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