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Leaking balcony repair in Sydney

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Affordable and Durable: Megasealed’s Expert Leaking Balcony Repairs

Neglecting a thorough inspection and remedy for leaking balconies poses a significant safety risk, coupled with potentially expensive repercussions. Fortunately, Megasealed Sydney provides budget-friendly and long-lasting solutions for leaking balcony repairs. Pioneers in the industry since 1995, we successfully complete numerous leaking balcony repairs each year! Our remedies effectively curtail the harmful impact of water damage, bolstering not only your balcony’s structural integrity but, more crucially, your safety. Megasealed products boast resistance to mould and wear, and they come in a variety of colours to elevate your balcony’s visual appeal.

Megasealed Sydney: Your Top Choice for Expert Balcony Repairs


Local Expertise

Our Sydney team understands the challenges of our local environment, ensuring precise and effective balcony repairs.

Prioritise Safety

Leaky balconies present significant safety hazards and can lead to enduring structural issues. At Megasealed Sydney, we are dedicated to ensuring your safety and enhancing the long-term durability of your property.

Tested Solutions

Reap the advantages of our established solutions, designed not only to tackle leaks but also to thwart the propagation of water damage, safeguarding the structural integrity of your balcony.

Tailored Aesthetics

Choose from a variety of colours in our Megasealed product line to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your balcony, all while guaranteeing resistance to mould and wear.

Identify a leaking balcony

A leaking balcony can result in enduring structural problems, costly damage, and safety hazards if neglected. To steer clear of these repercussions, contact Megasealed Sydney promptly when you observe any warning signs and arrange for balcony waterproofing repairs.


Cracking to tiles or grout

White Efflorescence / Calcification

Calcification in grout joints or white efflorescence

Drummy Tiles

Drummy or loose tiles

Wet Carpet / Flooring

To Paint, Plaster or Timber

Poor Draining

Poor draining or water pooling due to inappropriate fall


On the ceiling below your balcony

What’s Causing Your Balcony to Leak?

Have you ever wondered why your balcony is prone to leaks? In Sydney, the distinctive challenges your balcony encounters contribute to water seepage. Our solutions are ingeniously crafted with the specific challenges of our city in mind, ensuring effective protection against water-related issues.

1. Wet weather conditions

Continuously exposed to Sydney's harsh weather, your balcony is highly susceptible to water seepage. To avoid leaking, it needs proper drainage and as much protection from the elements as possible.

2. Natural building movement

Every building expands and contracts as it settles and reacts to the weather. This movement can crack tiles and grout lines. Once rainwater seeps into these gaps, it creates a breeding ground for mould that weakens the structure even more.

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