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Leaking balcony repair in Sunshine Coast

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Overlooking a leaking balcony can expose you to significant safety hazards, along with potentially costly consequences. Thankfully, Megasealed Sunshine Coast offers economical and lasting solutions for leaking balcony repairs in Noosa and Caloundra. With a legacy dating back to 1995, we stand as pioneers in the industry, successfully completing numerous balcony repairs each year. Our remedies effectively halt the detrimental effects of water damage and fortify your balcony’s structural integrity, prioritising your safety.

Sunshine Coast’s Premier Balcony Repair Specialists


Local Expertise

Our team in Noosa and Caloundra understands the challenges of the local environment, ensuring precise and effective balcony repairs.


Fixing leaky balconies is crucial to keeping you safe and preventing long-term damage to your property. At Megasealed Sunshine Coast, we're focused on making sure you're secure and improving the overall durability of your home.

Tested Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of our proven solutions, crafted not just to fix leaks but also to stop water damage from spreading, protecting your balcony's strength.

Tailored Aesthetics

Pick from a range of colours in our Megasealed product line to boost your balcony's looks, ensuring it stays resistant to mould and wear.

How can I identify a leaking balcony?

A leaking balcony brings long-term structural issues, expensive damage and safety risks if left untreated. To avoid these consequences, call Megasealed Sunshine Coast to arrange balcony waterproofing repair the moment you notice a warning sign.

White Efflorescence

White efflorescence (a powdery deposit that discolours external surfaces)

Drummy Tiles

Drummy or loose tiles

Water Damage

Water damage to paint, plaster or timber


Watermarks on the ceiling below your balcony

Why is your balcony leaking?

1. Wet weather conditions

Given the constant exposure to Sunshine Coast's harsh weather, your balcony is at a high risk of water seepage. To prevent leaks, it requires effective drainage and maximum protection from the elements.

2. Natural building movement

Buildings naturally expand and contract with settling and weather changes. This movement can lead to cracks in tiles and grout lines. When rainwater enters these gaps, it sets the stage for mold growth, further weakening the structure.

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