Leaking Balcony – Signs, Possible Causes, and How to Fix Them

Most can admit that having a balcony is a welcome outdoor space. That’s because it not only grants residents access to fresh air and views but also offers a space for us to unwind from our hectic lives. But this can quickly go awry when the balcony begins leaking. Since most people assume that a balcony is detached from the main structure of the house, waterproofing failures on a leaking tiled balcony present some of the most complicated leaking balcony repairs.

Let’s take a look at some signs, causes, and solutions to a leaking balcony.

Signs Of A Leaking Balcony –

Given the devastating consequences of having a leaking balcony, it’s important to stay keen on the possible signs that you may have a leak in this beloved space. Therefore, here are some common signs of a leaking balcony.

  • Buckling or bending of the timber frame.
  • Tiles coming off the walls.
  • Puddles of water standing on your precious balcony.
  • Cracked or missing seals and grout.
  • Cracked walls.
  • A collapsing balcony.

Possible Causes Of A Leaking Balcony –

In the absence of maintenance, even a perfect balcony can quickly turn into a leaking balcony. A leaking tiled balcony is likely caused by:

  • Lack of planning prior to construction.
  • Weather action through aspects like hydrostatic pressure or expansion in hot weather.
  • Rainwater.
  • Breakdown of the waterproof membrane.
  • Improper drainage.
  • Cracking in the perimeter and skirting tile seals.
  • Deteriorated and porous grout.

When balconies are constructed, proper care must be applied in the preparation stage. Becoming familiar with the correct installation of components, and the use of proper membranes must be followed to ensure a long term solution to a leaking balcony. When builders and contractors take shortcuts or aren’t skilled in the proper coordination of waterproofing installations, damage and potential health risks can occur. Such risks include:

  • Damage to the structural component of the balcony and building, resulting in possible collapse or breakdown.
  • Expensive rectification costs reinstalling membranes and associated finishes.
  • Disputes between neighbours or homeowners and landlords, resulting in possible litigation.
  • The formation of mould which poses serious health risks.
  • Fix a leaking balcony with the help of a professional waterproofing service.

All these risks can lead to various challenges, including financial loss, loss of property value, and health and safety hazards.

Fix A Leaking Balcony With The Help Of A Professional Waterproofing Service –

Since most balconies are part of the house’s structure, it is advisable to hire a professional waterproofing service. With a professional, you are guaranteed of someone who’s well versed on how to fix a leaking balcony and can thus future-proof your precious balcony.

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