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Trust the best! – Renew your leaking balcony without removing the tiles

Neglecting a leaking balcony can lead to serious safety hazards with costly consequences. Fortunately, at Megasealed Perth, we offer a personalised and affordable solution tailored to the needs of property owners in our vibrant community. As industry leaders since 1995, we take pride in completing thousands of balcony repairs each year.

Why Choose a Megasealed Perth technician for your balcony repair?

Local Expertise

Our Perth team understands the unique challenges of our local environment, ensuring precise and effective balcony repairs.

Safety First

Leaking balconies pose serious safety risks and long-term structural issues. Megasealed Perth is committed to your safety and the durability of your property.

Proven Solutions

Benefit from our proven solutions that not only address leaks but also prevent the spread of water damage, ensuring the structural integrity of your balcony.

Customised Aesthetics

Our range of Megasealed products comes in an assortment of colours, allowing you to enhance your balcony's aesthetic while ensuring resistance to mould and wear.

Megasealed Rescues Homes on Space Invaders

Across Australia, families are battling a clutter crisis and desperately need an intervention. Find out how Megasealed helped families to transform their shower & balcony into an entirely new space! Watch our team in action on Space Invaders.

Spot the Signs, Act Promptly!

Recognising the warning signs of a leaking balcony is crucial to preventing extensive damage. Do not wait until it becomes a safety concern; call a local Perth Megasealed expert the moment you notice any signs of water intrusion.


Cracking to tiles or grout


Calcification in grout joints or white efflorescence (a powdery deposit that discolours external surfaces)

Drummy Tiles

Drummy or loose tiles

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Water Damage

Water damage to paint, plaster or timber

Poor Draining

Poor draining or water pooling due to inappropriate fall


Watermarks on the ceiling below your balcony

Understanding Why Your Balcony Leaks

Have you ever wondered why your balcony is prone to leaks? In Perth, your balcony faces unique challenges that contribute to water seepage. Our solutions are innovatively designed with the unique challenges of our city in mind.

  1. Embracing Wet Weather in Western Australia

Perth’s weather is known for its extremes, and your balcony withstands the worst of it. Constant exposure to Australia’s harsh weather makes it highly susceptible to water seepage. To counter this, your balcony needs not just proper drainage but also protection from the elements.

  1. Building Movements

Every building has its own rhythm, expanding and contracting as it settles and responds to the local weather. This movement can lead to cracks in tiles and grout lines, creating vulnerable points. When rainwater finds its way into these gaps, it not only causes leaks but also becomes a breeding ground for mould, further weakening the structure.

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