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Leak detection in Sunshine Coast

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Megasealed Sunshine Coast Pinpoints Leaks Fast

Unwanted water in your Sunshine Coast bathroom or balcony? Don’t let leaks wreak havoc! Megasealed’s expert technicians use advanced FLIR technology for quick, non-invasive water leak detection.

Why FLIR makes a difference:

  • Non-invasive: No need to tear down walls or damage your property.
  • Quick results: Identify leaks fast, minimizing water damage and repair time.
  • Precise location: Find the exact source, ensuring targeted repairs.


Beyond Detection, Megasealed Offers:

  • Highly trained technicians: Experienced in bathroom and balcony leak diagnosis.
  • Efficient repairs: Minimize disruption and get your space back to normal quickly.
  • Industry-leading technology: Always equipped with the latest tools and techniques.
  • Stress-free experience: Let our professionals handle the problem while you relax.

Don’t Let Leaks Linger: When to Call Sunshine Coast’s Leak Detection Experts

Ignoring a leak can be costly and dangerous. But how do you know when a hidden leak requires professional attention? Here are clear signs:

  • Bubbling paint: Beneath the surface, water lurks, causing paint to bulge and blister.
  • Damp areas with a musty smell: A telltale sign of excess moisture, often accompanied by a dank odour.
  • Dirty, black, or mouldy silicone: Leaks create breeding grounds for mould, discolouring and degrading sealant.
  • Missing or discoloured grout: Grout crumbles or changes colour when water seeps through, leaving gaps prone to further leakage.
  • Drummy tiles: When tapped, hollow sounds indicate moisture trapped beneath the surface.
  • Visible gaps in floor and wall joints: Even small cracks allow water to seep in, creating larger problems over time.
  • Watermarks on the ceiling: Stains on your ceiling point to leaks originating from above, like a faulty roof or bathroom.
  • Swollen timber door frames or architraves: Wood absorbs moisture, warping and expanding – a clear sign of water intrusion.


Our specialists offer advanced solutions

Our leak detection experts offer a comprehensive solution to identify and eliminate these sneaky culprits before they cause major damage. We go beyond surface checks with in-depth assessment, pinpointing the exact source of the leak. We even utilise cutting-edge FLIR technology, like a superhero with thermal vision, to see moisture intrusion behind walls, floors, and tiles – no invasive procedures needed! This precision allows for targeted repairs, saving you time, money, and the stress of extensive water damage. Remember, early detection is key!

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