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Leak detection in Canberra

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Is your bathroom or shower leaking?

Discovering the origin of a leak marks the crucial first step towards effective repair. At Megasealed, our technicians undergo rigorous training in leak detection for bathrooms and balconies. Our aim is to swiftly identify and address leaks to forestall any additional water-related harm. With Megasealed Canberra, bid farewell to the anxiety and cost associated with protracted, ineffective, or intrusive inspections. Pioneering the field with cutting-edge technology, our leak detection services in Tuggeranong, North & South Canberra, and Gungahlin ensure prompt, dependable, and minimally disruptive solutions.

When is it time to call our leak detection experts in Canberra?

  • Bubbling paint
  • Damp areas with a musty smell
  • Dirty, black or mouldy silicone
  • Missing or discoloured grout
  • Drummy tiles
  • Visible gaps in floor and wall joints
  • Watermarks on the ceiling
  • Swollen timber door frames or architraves

Eliminate the uncertainty surrounding leak detection

In Canberra, our experts will recommend the most suitable inspection approach following a thorough evaluation. Utilizing advanced forward-looking infrared (FLIR) water leak detection technology when necessary, we can identify concealed heat patterns and moisture infiltration. This groundbreaking thermal imaging tool enables us to locate leaks in balconies or bathrooms hidden behind walls, floors, and tiles. By expediting the repair process, our precise detection method allows us to address leaks promptly, preventing further damage.

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