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Determine the Cause Of A Leaking Shower?

A leaking shower can increase your water bill exponentially, not to mention the dripping sound you can hear coming from your ensuite while you try to sleep is just plain annoying. A leaking shower, while seemingly harmless, can ruin the structural integrity of your home. For this reason it is imperative that you determine the cause of a leaking shower as early as possible.

There are various causes for a leaking shower but identifying them can be a challenge in and of itself. With the help of some tools you can track down the cause of your leaking shower at the source.

  1. Remove the Shower Head

A loose shower head is perhaps the most common cause of leaks. Tighten the shower head and check if the leak stops. If not, remove the shower head. To prevent damaging your shower fixture use a towel as a protective layer before unscrewing the head using a wrench or a similar tool

2. Checking the O-Ring

Once you have unscrewed the head check the O-Ring. This is a black rubber ring which acts as a seal inside the shower head. Check whether the O-ring has become hard or is damaged in any way. Over time it is not uncommon for O-rings to solidify and crack.

If this is the case, count yourself lucky as a replacement O-ring will have your shower working perfectly again.  All you need is a replacement O-ring (Bunnings should have what you seek). 

3. Inspect the Inside of the Shower Head

If the O-Ring looks fine, it is time to pick a screwdriver and remove the shower head faceplate. Look for debris in the face plate which could be obstructing the holes of your showerhead. Often white buildups of calcium cause a blockage causing the shower to leak long after you have turned off the taps. A little elbow grease should do the trick here. If not, you can soak the shower head in white vinegar for 7-9 hours. The vinegar will help loosen the calcium which you can then remover with a brush and hot water.

Great, you’ve identified what you think may have been the issue and remedied it, now it’s time to re-attach the shower head using a towel for protection once more.

If the leak continues after reattaching the shower head, it is possible your leak is internal. But before you decide to tear up any tiles like Bob the Builder, Megasealed can provide you with one of our accredited technicians who will take the guesswork out of identifying the leak using our thermal imaging technology.

After identifying the source perhaps, the fix is not as easy as replacing an O-ring. Megasealed provide cost-effective solutions to fix leaks without removing tiles. Simply call 1300 658 007 for a FREE in-home quote today.

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