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Bathroom Makeover Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

Fixing up your bathroom on a budget may seem like an unachievable feat. However, it is a common misconception that compromises in quality and luxury need to be made in order to keep the bank balance above zero.

Yes, you may not be able to get that deluxe spa you so desperately desire for those Sunday night soaks, but Megasealed can get you that same sense of relaxation at a fraction of the cost. You just need to be thinking smart not hard, as they say.

Think rejuvenation, not renovation

Bathroom rejuvenation begins with the tiles. If your tiles are still in good condition all they might need is an inexpensive makeover. Start with a little gumption and a lot of elbow grease and try to give those tiles a DIY deep clean. If your tiles are still looking tired a simple re-grout is perhaps the next best step.

Re-grouting can be a bit of a challenge if your husband isn’t the handy man he claims to be as it requires some finesse and a grout saw. This is where Megasealed come in. Our professional re-grouting service is not only affordable it uses the best, scientifically tested solution on the market – Megagrout MG14. Not to mention a team with over 25 years experience. Tile and grout cleaning are indisputably our bread and butter.

The next step in bathroom rejuvenation is to remove mould from ceilings and walls. In 99% of cases mould can be removed with affordable, easy-to-find, soap-based products. However, you should always prepare for that 1% of instances that quickly turns your bathroom rejuvenation into a bathroom renovation and can run you anywhere upwards of $15,000.

To ensure you avoid this 1%, a high-quality sealant is the way to go in preventing leaks which can cause a build up of mould. Megasealed’s Megaflex sealant is one of the most durable sealants on the market, so much so that we guarantee you a 5 year product warranty.

However, if DIY mould removal isn’t really your style, we provide professional mould removal that is convenient and cost effective.

The last step in bathroom rejuvenation is fixing any leaks you may have. This is arguably the most important step as a simple leak can lead to a plethora of expensive and time-consuming problems.

Here at Megasealed we specialise in the non-destructive repair of leaking showers, so why not call us today on 1300 658 007 for a FREE in-home quote.

If you follow these simple rejuvenation steps your bathroom will look and feel as luxurious as your favourite day spa, minus the cost (and unfortunately the masseuse).

Our standard Megasealed service is quicker, cleaner and more cost-effective than a tiles remove solution.

Industry leaders for over 25 years

One of the first in the business to fix leaks and renew wet areas without removing tiles, we’re proud pioneers of this revolutionary process.

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Depending on the most suitable solution for your situation, our Technicians will use our own unique and exclusive products to ensure the highest quality results.

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We service almost every state, with family-run franchises delivering affordable solutions to local communities across the country.

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