Balcony tiling: How to tile a balcony

Posted on 2018-11-30

Tiling your balcony can help to create a more beautiful and easily maintained recreation area, but there are a few must-dos before you start mixing up your grout. Let’s start with finding the right kind of tile.

Now more than ever there are more tiles to choose from than ever before, so narrowing down your choices helps a lot. Make sure you go for tiles that won’t look dirty within a day: more natural colours, such as terracotta tiles or natural stone tiles don’t show up the dirt as much and are better suited to the harsher conditions of the outdoors.

It’s also a good idea to choose tiles that are larger in size. Larger tiles are generally stronger than smaller tiles, which can crack and break more easily underfoot. Larger tiles also make for faster installation.

Make sure that you also choose a cement and grout well suited to the outdoor area you plan to use it in. There are also plenty of coloured cements to choose from these days, too, so it’s great to go for something that really suits your tile choice and décor.

Of course, one of the most important things to remember about tiling outdoor balconies is to seal it properly. Balcony Waterproofing can prevent water seeping under the tiles over time and creating damage to the structure of the balcony itself, which can lead to leaks and further damage to the floors below. One of the most effective and economical options available is using Megasealed.

Guaranteed for 25 years, Megagrout MG11 can be applied within a couple of hours, and your balcony will be ready to use within 24 hours. Unlike other sealants, such as silicone, Megagrout MG11 does not peel, is anti-fungal, grease resistant, and non porous.

With a few planning steps like those mentioned above, you can have a beautifully tiled balcony that is long-lasting in no time at all.