Balcony Repairs and Balcony Waterproofing


Megasealed™ are Australia's No. 1 for balcony repairs and balcony waterproofing solutions. In much the same way we can stop your leaking shower without removing tiles, we can provide a balcony repair service to stop your leaking balcony without the need to remove tiles, using our exclusive two-part Epoxy system, Megagrout MG11™.


Balcony Repair Services

The Megasealed™ balcony services cater for all degrees of damage and all budgets, offering substantial warranties, quality service and workmanship. There is a service to suit all types of tiles including Marble, Terrazzo, Travertine, Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Slate, and Terracotta. With our Megasealed accredited and experienced stone masons we can also do treatments and care solutions for most natural stone material.

Service 1. The standard balcony repair service carried out by Megasealed Australia™ offers clients on a budget or with minimal damage to their balcony a great solution. You may require minimal repair work or you may simply want to refresh or enhance the look of your balcony. This package includes a complete de- grout of the entire balcony. Our Award-winning liquid repair membrane Megabloc™ is then injected underneath the balcony's tiles to help repair the damaged membrane prior to grouting. Then the porous and deteriorated grout is replaced with Megasealed™’s exclusive Megagrout MG11™.

To find out more about our Award-winning liquid repair membrane, have a look at our video below:

Service 2. Megasealed™ also offers a tile over tile service. This includes priming, waterproofing, retile of the existing surface using Megasealed™’s exclusive range of tiling products. Megagrout MG11™ is then installed into all floor joints, entire balcony perimeter, skirting tiles and fascia tiles.


Watch our video explaining the process of the Tile over Tile Service on Balcony:

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Balcony repairs are common

Read this interesting article on balcony repairs from the Master Builders Association. It explains why Megasealed™ is coming to the rescue for many Australians with balcony waterproofing issues.

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