Do you notice any of these problems?


  • Missing or discoloured tiles or grout in or around shower
  • Deterioration of silicone around shower screen
  • Paint bubbling on walls or watermarks on ceilings beneath your bathroom
  • Visible gaps in floor and wall joints - buckling floors
  • Wet or smelly carpet
  • Swollen timber door frame, architraves or a jamming bathroom door


Megasealed™: long lasting, quality waterproofing solutions  


Our quality, exclusive product range including Megasealed™ and Megagrout MG14 will stop your leaking shower without removing tiles.

  • Exclusive product range - Innovative, laboratory tested, ISO accredited products
  • Prevent further costly damage - prevent water from penetrating gaps
  • Stylish - choose from a wide range of colours to suit your requirements
  • 25 year product warranty
  • Proven results - Over 20 years industry experience. 18,000 solutions delivered last year.

Your shower serviced in just 3-4 hours and ready to use next day!


Megasealed™ Product Information

  • Benefits of Megasealed™
  • Megasealed™ Colours
  • Benefits of Megagrout MG14
  • Megagrout MG14 Colours


Choose with confidence.  

Your local Megasealed™ consultant will customise your quote on site.




Megasealed™ services: save time, money & reduce hassle

Megasealed™ delivers a range of services tailored to your specific needs, preference and requirements.

A Megasealed™ accredited consultant will provide you a customised solution and a no obligation free quote. 

Our range of services include:

Megasealed™ Standard Service

Step 1.

De-grout (to a required depth) of the shower perimeter, floor waste, wall- to-wall junctions and hob joints.

Step 2.

Our Award-winning liquid membrane repair, called Megabloc™ is injected underneath the floor tiles of the shower to repair the damaged membrane.

Step 3.

The grout is then replaced with Megasealed™ exclusive product or Megagrout MG14, a 2 part epoxy systems which is also applied to the shower floor. 

Step 4.

A penetrative sealant is then applied to the wall grout of the shower cubicle, completing your Megasealed™ service. 

Megasealed™ Complete Re-Tile Service

In some circumstances whether due to customer preference and/ or the extent of the damage the 'no tiles removed' service may not be the most appropriate solution.

In these cases, Megasealed™ can offer a complete licenced waterproofing and tiling service. 

Service all tiled areas of your home: shower, bathroom, kitchen, or balcony.

Your tiled area as new. 

Megasealed™ Tile Over Tile Service

Need to re-tile on a budget? Megasealed™ offers a fast, convenient, no demolition Tile Over Tile service. 

So you enjoy the benefits of a re-tile renovation for less.


Choose with confidence.  

Your local Megasealed™ consultant will customise your quote on site.







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Testimonial: Anne A (NSW)
I have to say a huge thank you for your help and compliment you on a job most impressively done. We are very happy with the result. Matt G though deserves an enormous wrap. He was a pleasure to have in the house, did the job quickly and efficientl…
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