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Why You Need A Site Visit For A Leaking Shower Repair Quote

Posted on 2022-02-07

If you’ve just discovered a leaking shower, it’s important to find the source as soon as possible. Searching for where a leak originates may seem simple, especially if it’s occurring around the exterior of the shower. However, to get an accurate diagnosis for leaking shower repairs, it’s always best to have a professional visit your home.  

After all, the most effective way of identifying shower leaks is to examine them in person. A professional visit to the leak site usually involves advanced water leak detection. This service will narrow down the problem and help find the right shower repair solution. Employing professionals will also future-proof your home from water leaks in the long term.

Here are some of the best reasons to get a site visit when requesting a quote for leaking shower repair.  

Hidden Leaks in Bathrooms & Showers

Shower and bathroom leaks are often hidden behind the tiles and walls, making them difficult to spot immediately. 

Fortunately, professionals often use technologies, such as thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters. 

Thermal imaging cameras provide a visual representation of the area’s temperature. These devices work by showing temperature differences using colours ranging from bright and warm to dark and cold. Technicians then look through the camera lens to see areas where dark spots are prevalent. These spots usually indicate potential water damage and need further investigation. 

Moisture meters provide accurate readings of how much water is in wood. These devices are perfect for examining structural supports in buildings. High amounts of moisture usually indicate the possibility of a leak. 

Despite their differences, both devices find hidden leaks without the need to damage the wall or floor. 

Fast & Accurate Results 

A leaking shower may not seem like a big problem at first, especially if the water continues to accumulate in one area. However, the moisture build-up can cause damage across the home, if left alone.  

Bacteria is more likely to grow in wet areas with little ventilation. This can cause health problems down the road due to changes in air quality. Wet areas are also the perfect breeding ground for pests such as termites. These issues only serve to drive up the potential repair costs. Leaks are also dangerous for the structural integrity of buildings. Water seeping into construction causes cracks in material such as drywall and wet timber posts are prone to breaking altogether.  

That’s why it’s best to have a professional visit your home as soon as possible. Megasealed is home to a team of expert technicians that use revolutionary Thermal Imaging Water Leak Detection Technology to pinpoint temperature differences and compare results before and after. The devices provide an accurate reading of leaks, allowing the team to implement the right solution for the problem without any doubt. 

Guaranteed Lasting Repairs

Trying to repair a leaking shower with store-bought materials is often only a temporary solution. Inexperience can lead to mistakes and further costs to resolve these issues.

In contrast, technicians can accurately identify the source of the problem and provide a solution that’s guaranteed to last for years. Taking this leaking shower repair will give you the peace of mind to shower without worrying about potential home damage. 

If you suspect that your bathroom is leaking, request a free quote from Megasealed to organise water leak detection & shower repair services.