Choosing a Professional for Shower and Bathroom Tiling in Your Gold Coast Home

Bathroom tiling in any Gold Coast home is essential for creating a pleasing appearance for the space, but it is important for other reasons, too. The tiling may be aesthetic, but it’s also the first line of defence against allowing moisture to seep through to the structure below the floor. Beneath the tiling is a waterproof membrane, which in combination with grouting and silicone edge sealants, ensure that water has no place to go but down the drain. Have you decided it’s time to retile? Whether you’re renovating or you’ve just put in a new bathroom, Megasealed can provide competent service to help you achieve both a waterproof bathroom and the visual results you want.

For bathroom and shower tiles that aren’t very damaged, we can offer a faster option that requires no demolition whatsoever; instead, we tile over the existing installation, re-seal, and re-grout. The result blends in seamlessly and enables you to enjoy a rejuvenated bathroom on a shorter time frame. However, in some cases, tile over tile may not be your preferred choice. In that scenario, we are just as capable of providing brand new tiling. What kind of results can you expect from this service?


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Renovating a Home in Gold Coast? New Shower Tiling Makes a Difference

No matter the specific retiling service you opt for, the result will be an as-new quality that you can enjoy for a long time to come. When installing new shower tiling in a Gold Coast property, we’ll take care to lay down a long-lasting and highly durable waterproof membrane, a product of our research and development. Then we lay down the tiling of your choice, use our Megaseal grout epoxies in the colour of your choosing, and finish off by using a penetrative sealant. This process ensures that your shower is not only beautifully tiled but exceptionally waterproof as well.

The process is much the same for a tile on tile installation, with the added benefit that there is no need for the demolition of the existing tiles. Instead, we will first inspect the area for leaks and, when necessary, repair the waterproofing beneath the existing tiles. Taking care to ensure a complete seal, we lay exclusive new tiles over the old and re-grout them as if it were new. This option is very popular owing to its speed, lack of mess, and convenience. Did we mention that it comes with a 25-year warranty, too? At Megasealed, we want you to be sure that you can enjoy the results of quality workmanship for as long as you remain in the home.

Megasealed is Ready to Help Tackle Your Job Today

Take a good look at the tiling in your bathroom. Does it look its best anymore? When the answer is “no,” take the time to investigate Megasealed’s tiling services. We always look forward to the opportunity to confer with clients and determine the best way to address your needs with a successful project. We are also adept at tiling balconies, kitchens, and more. To make arrangements with one of our teams, request a quote or contact us now.