Rejuvenate an Older Shower with Fresh Waterproofing and Regrouting in Your Central Coast Home

Time takes its toll on everything, and that includes our homes. That is why from time to time it’s a smart idea to take a look around and think about what you need to improve. For example, consider your bathroom and shower. More specifically, take into account the tiling. Do you see the tell-tale signs that your bathroom’s waterproofing isn’t what it once was? These signs can include dirty and cracked grout, the appearance of mould, suspicious leaks, and even unpleasant odours. If your bathroom could use a facelift and a fresh attempt at waterproofing the shower in your Central Coast home, Megasealed should be your service of choice.

At Megasealed, we are a national leader in providing shower waterproofing and regrouting that can truly stand the test of time — and not just five or six years down the line. Our primary epoxy-based sealant products and the work we provide with them both carry a 25-year warranty for true peace of mind. If you experience continued leaking even after a Megasealed treatment, we’ll return straightaway to narrow down the problem and ensure we remedy it as quickly as possible. Here’s what you can expect when our team visits your home to work on your bathroom.


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What to Expect from a Megasealed Service Visit?

Determining if there is an active leak is usually the first step in repairing the waterproofing of a shower that exhibits signs of damage. Megasealed uses electronic leak detection and, where available, special thermal imaging tools to inspect your shower. With this equipment, there’s no need to carry out any demolition work, resulting in less noise, less mess, and a more precise idea of the next steps to take.

After confirming a leak, we’ll remove all the grout in the shower area to prepare it for repair. After degrouting, our technicians use our specially-formulated Megabloc liquid membrane to revitalise the protective barrier beneath your tile. Using an injector, the Megabloc penetrates without the need to remove any tiles.

We’ll then replace the grout using one of our epoxies, either Megagrout MG14 or Megaseal, both of which are very resilient and long-lasting. In fact, we’re so confident in their quality that we guarantee our work for 25 years. The entire process typically takes fewer than four hours, and our technicians take care to clean the area upon completion. Simply wait one day before using the shower again. Much of this process is the same when you request shower regrouting in the Central Coast, although the liquid membrane repair is not always necessary.

Contact Megasealed for Straightforward Shower Regrouting in the Central Coast Today

Turn back time on your shower and fight back against leaks with Megasealed’s robust services. With a straightforward process for regrouting, fixing the toll of moisture damage is easy with our help. Need assistance with repairing tiling that’s no longer working well for you as well? Ask about our tiling services which include a unique no-demolition option. Request a free quote for your home today.