Protect Your Bathroom with Shower Waterproofing in Sydney

Ironically, water damage is a significant risk when it comes to showers. Even though their exact purpose involves a lot of water flowing through, damage does occur and demands repairs from time to time to prevent water leakage into the rest of your home. To avoid this issue for an extended duration, use Megasealed’s innovative shower waterproofing in Sydney.

Install our high-quality waterproofing for showers in Sydney to experience the benefits it offers you. We also help prevent slips and slides with another proprietary technology that puts our experience to use for you.


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Use Megasealed’s Exclusive Techniques for Shower Waterproofing in Sydney

Many of Sydney’s residents have experienced the benefits of our services, which is how we’ve managed to remain a leading provider in a competitive industry for over two decades. Our continuous service has honed our team into a highly-trained and highly-capable group of technicians who can work wonders in your bathroom.

If you’re building a new home, renovating an old bathroom, or simply have enough degradation on your tiling and grout work to necessitate replacement to avoid leaking showers, we’re the perfect team to help you. Three proprietary methods and technologies set us apart from the competition:

  • Megagrip™ – This innovative technology keeps your family safe. It’s particularly useful for families who have children or are taking care of the elderly. Even in the wettest conditions, this ensures that you’ll have a steady grip and avoid dangerous slips and falls. Options range from a chemical that provides a satin-like texture on the surface to heavy-duty applications for ramps and steps.
  • Tile Over Tile – This is a special technique that we use to maximise our efficiency. Rather than removing all your tiles, we can save you money and speed up the process while still giving you the same, high-quality effectiveness for waterproofing your showers that removing and replacing the old tiles in their entirety would.
  • Megasealed Sealants – Our cutting-edge sealants outpace the competition by taking advantage of your existing tiles’ underlying waterproofing membrane. We apply our sealants to your shower tiles, and the result is long-lasting protection that both prevents leaks and helps your shower look its best.


See Why Megasealed Is the Trusted Name in Bathroom Rejuvenation

Throughout our operation, we’ve expanded to serve all of Australia from our numerous branches. We’ve cultivated trusting relationships with residences, apartment managers, businesses, and organisations throughout Sydney and the rest of country. Our recipe for success has been to continually improve our techniques, hire and retain the best technicians available, and treat each customer with the respect we’d like to receive.

We’re looking forward to working with you and helping bring your bathroom back to life with a restored shower. We want you to feel completely comfortable working with us, so we take the time to price out the project ahead of time accurately. Contact us today to book a free quote and get one step closer to waterproofing your shower for style and safety.