Solve Your Shower Leak and Rejuvenate Your Bathroom with Shower Resealing in Brisbane

Are you dealing with a leaking shower, toilet, bathtub or sink in your bathroom? If so, our team at Megasealed can help. With over a two decade track record of reliable service and 27 business locations across Australia (Brisbane included), we are the perfect team to help you with shower resealing or bathroom resealing in Brisbane.


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How We Detect and Repair Your Leaks

If you suspect a leak in your bathroom, the first thing to do is focus on detection. You don’t want to jump right to removing shower tiles or bathtubs because it could be that either:
1.) the leak isn’t where you think it is; or
2.) there isn’t a leak at all.

At Megasealed, leak detection is a central component of the services we provide for shower resealing in Brisbane. To provide our clients with the most accurate and detailed understanding of a leak problem, we use sophisticated thermal imaging technology to spot thermal variance and moisture intrusion behind your tiles, fixtures or walls. This technology allows us to eliminate any guesswork from the equation. Instead, we can determine the location of the leak and the extent of the water damage—without taking your entire bathroom apart.

In fact, in many cases, we can provide leak remediation without removing tiles or fixtures as well. Our shower resealing in Brisbane is based on a special, ISO-accredited sealant that we can apply both underneath and over the top of your tiles and shower fittings. Removing the tiles of your shower or taking out the shower fixture entirely, is an expensive and messy process that is rarely necessary. These installations already have waterproof membranes underneath them, to protect your walls and floors.

The Megasealed system targets this waterproof membrane and harnesses it to form a fuller, more reliable seal. As such, we can stop leaks in your shower or bathtub area without removing the tiles or fittings. By removing the grout around your tiles, we can even inject our membrane repair materials underneath your tiles, making sure every part of your shower is leak free. We then go about re-grouting and resealing your shower.

Our teams can apply these membrane repair and resealing strategies to any tiled or sealed areas in your bathroom. From countertops to backsplashes, floors and walls, vanity seals or toilet seals, we can repair leaks and refresh tired looking tilework. When clients call us for bathroom sealing in Brisbane, some are seeking functional or maintenance solutions, while others are looking for cosmetic facelifts to rejuvenate their bathroom areas. Our ability to do both types of work—often in one fell swoop—makes us in demand experts for bathroom repair throughout Australia.

Schedule Your Leak Detection and Shower Resealing in Brisbane Today

If you suspect that your shower or another part of your bathroom is leaking, don’t delay. Call Megasealed as soon as possible for bathroom resealing in Brisbane. The sooner you get one of our specialists in your bathroom for leak detection, membrane repair and resealing; the less likely a leak is to cause severe structural damage. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.