Megasealed: Providing Effective Shower and Bathroom Waterproofing in Brisbane for 22 Years

Water damage is a significant headache to repair and remediate. After the fact, dealing with the rot, mould and destruction left by water leaks, it becomes baffling just how much damage even a little water can cost. In all instances, it is better to invest in protective systems to prevent water damage than to deal with water damage after it has already taken root. At Megasealed, we understand this point well, hence our focus on bathroom waterproofing in Brisbane.


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Shower Repairs and Bathroom Waterproofing: Why They Go Hand in Hand

Megasealed is a brand known not just in Brisbane, but throughout Australia. We currently have 27 locations, spanning from Perth to Adelaide to Sydney and up to Brisbane. Across these 27 territories, we are perhaps known best for our innovative method of repairing leaking showers, bathrooms or balconies. As we tell clients, though, this service and our bathroom and shower waterproofing in Brisbane goes hand in hand.

When a client calls us for a shower repair, it’s usually because they have noticed a leak coming from behind one of their tiles. The standard strategy in this situation would be to remove the tiles in search of the source of the leakage. For obvious reasons, most homeowners would prefer not to go to such great lengths to repair a single leak. Our pioneering method allows us to repair shower leaks without removing the tilework.

A crucial part of this process, though, is waterproofing. Behind the tiles in your shower—and beyond the other tilework in your bathroom, from the floors to the vanity to the backsplash—is a waterproof member. This membrane is there to prevent leaks and water damage in the first place. If there is something wrong with the waterproof membrane, is when you get a leaking shower, or a leaking toilet or sink. In other words, a client that hires us for a shower leak repair in Brisbane is also hiring us for shower waterproofing in Brisbane.

How We Go about Waterproofing a Bathroom in Brisbane

So, how do we go about repairing a leak—and waterproofing a bathroom—in Brisbane? The first step is to determine the extent of the leak and the resulting water damage. By using thermal imaging technology, we can identify the source and assess the extent of water intrusion. From there, we can remove the grout between the tilework at or near the site of the leak and use those gaps to inject a seal underneath the tiles. The seal, called Megabloc, is a liquid membrane repair solution that works to fix any damage in the waterproof membrane. We then replace the grout in your tilework with proprietary epoxies, which provide a better and more waterproof solution that will prevent leaks in the future.

If you need someone that can handle shower waterproofing in Brisbane, look no further than Megasealed. Contact us today to schedule a thermal inspection of your shower and bathroom.