Fix Leaks and Regrout Your Shower at the Same Time; Call Megasealed about Shower Regrouting in Brisbane

Perhaps you have noticed a leaking tile in your shower, and you want to resolve the issue before it causes bigger problems. Alternatively, maybe the grout in your shower is looking damaged or otherwise unsightly, and you want to give the space a slight makeover. In either case, Megasealed can help. We offer both leaking shower repair and tile regrouting in Brisbane. In fact, we can provide both services at the same time.

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How We Make Shower Leak Repairs and Tile Regrouting Go Together

In most cases, regrouting a shower is a different task than fixing a leak. Regrouting involves removing the old grout and replacing it. This process can go a long way towards giving your shower or bathroom a fresh, brand-new look. Even if the tiles themselves stay in place, new tile grout can noticeably change the character and condition of the entire installation.

Repairing a leak, meanwhile, is typically seen as a more in-depth process. If you have a leaky tile (or several), the issue usually involves a break or tear in the waterproof membrane behind the tilework. To get to this membrane so that it can be replaced or repaired, many shower repair companies will tear out all the existing tiles. This demolition provides full access to the membrane, which enables the conventional repair process.

At Megasealed, we do things a little differently. If the extent of the leak demands a full tile removal, or if the client wishes to replace the existing tile work, we can perform a complete removal and retiling along with our leak repair services. In most cases, though, we can go in through the grout lines to repair the waterproof membrane. We use a proprietary, award-winning membrane repair called Megabloc, which we can inject underneath existing tiles without removing them. All we need to do is remove the existing grout. This method gives us enough space to inject the Megabloc, which then goes to work repairing the membrane.

Once this process has occurred, we can move on to our service for tile regrouting in Brisbane. Rather than using standard grout, we employ proprietary epoxies to grout the shower. These sealants dry quickly, resist mould and mildew growth and are durable enough to stand up to time, wear and tear. We also have expoxies available in a variety of different colours, to make sure that your grout looks fantastic and suits the colour/style of your tiles and the rest of your bathroom décor.

Call Megasealed Today to Regrout Your Shower in Brisbane

At Megasealed, we make it easy to repair shower leaks, regrout your tiles and give your bathroom a cost-effective and genuinely beautiful makeover. Whether your issue is a leak, worn and ugly grout or a combination of both, you can count on us to provide a convenient and reliable solution. To learn more about our services, or to schedule your service for shower regrouting in Brisbane, contact Megasealed today.