Need to Repair a Leaking Shower? Save Money on Fixing the Leak by Calling Megasealed in Canberra

Have you recently noticed water leaking out around the tiles in your shower? If so, you probably know that you need to call for a shower leak repair in Canberra. However, you might be putting off that call, for fear of how much a shower repair may cost you. For most people, the words ëshower repairí call to mind images of a plumber tearing out all the tiles in the bathroom only to find and fix a small leak. Not only do you end up paying for a leak repair, but you also need to pay to have your entire shower retiled.


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Megasealed: Offering Leaking Shower Repair in Canberra without Tile Removal

At Megasealed, we believe there is a better way to fix a leaky shower in Canberraóone that doesnít involve ripping out all your tile work.

Indeed, in most cases, there is nothing wrong with the tilework itself. Depending on the extent of the leak, the grout in the shower might be damaged. However, since our process involves removing the grout anyway, thatís no problem.

Our process starts with a thermal imaging inspection, to locate the leak and determine the extent of the water intrusion. From there, we can plan a repair more smartly and accurately. In most cases, the next step is to remove the grout around the tile work. Getting rid of the grout gives us the space we need to inject what we call ëMegablocí underneath the existing tiles. Megabloc works to repair the waterproof membrane that exists behind the tiles. We then replace the grout our proprietary epoxies, seal the perimeter joints and apply a penetrative sealant to the wall grout.

All told, this process provides effective leak repair and waterproofing, all without removing your tile. The result is way more cost-effective than replacing all the tiling in your shower. It also moves much faster: in total, we can repair a leaking shower in Canberra in 3-4 hours. Sometimes, in a ëtiles removedí situation, the demolition process alone takes that much time. Removing and replacing the tile in your shower will render that shower unusable for days or weeks at a time. With the Megasealed solution, your shower will be as good as newóand ready to useóthe very next day.

Best of all, we stand by our work. Choosing our repair option because itís affordable wonít come back to haunt you later in the form of recurrent leaks. On the contrary, we back our products with a 25-year warranty, which means you can always give us a call if something does go wrong with your newly sealed shower.

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If you need a leaking shower repair in Canberra and have been fretting about an exorbitantly expensive fix, donít! Instead, contact Megasealed today to request a free service quote.