Explore Your Options for Shower Retiling and Bathroom Tiling in Brisbane

Is your shower leaking from behind the tile work? Is the grout showing signs of damage? Or do you feel that the tiles in your bathroom have started to look particularly dated? In any of these situations, Megasealed can help. We provide various options for bathroom tiling and shower tiling in Brisbane. We would be happy to help you explore these options and select the one that makes the most sense given your situation.


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What We Can Do for You

At Megasealed, we can repair many shower or bathroom leaks without actually removing any tiles. Some companies remove all the tiles in a given area to identify the source of a leak, repair the waterproof membrane behind the tile and cover all bases of the repair. We can provide this type of service just by removing the grout between your tiles. The open grout lines give us enough space to inject a membrane-repairing solution under your tiles. In many cases, this method allows us to repair shower or bathroom links with no tile removal necessary. As a service, our ‘no tiles removed’ method is easier, quicker and more cost-effective than ‘tiles off’ repair methods.

Of course, there are some situations where a more extensive bathroom tiling in Brisbane will be necessary or preferred. Depending on the extent of the leak, the damage to your shower/bathroom/tilework may be so substantial that it makes sense to invest in a full retiling service. Alternatively, you might be ready to trade out the tiles in your bathroom. If the tilework is dated or otherwise not to your liking, then repairing a leak is an excellent opportunity to redo the shower or bathroom entirely. In either case, know that Megasealed is qualified and licenced to perform a full waterproofing and tiling service for your shower or bathroom. In addition to doing bathroom and shower tiling in Brisbane, we can also provide waterproofing and tiling for your balcony or kitchen.

A full tiling solution will cost more than our trademark method of injecting waterproof membrane sealant underneath your existing tiles. If you are on a tighter budget but still need to retile the bathroom, consider our other option: an over-tile service. In this service, we repair any leaks by fixing the waterproof membrane under your existing tile, in our usual way. From there, we can tile over the existing tiles with no demolition required. You get a new, refreshed bathroom or shower without the full cost of a demolition-plus-retile service.


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Whether you just need a shower leak repair or are thinking of renovating your bathroom more extensively, Megasealed can help you explore the different options that are available to you. To learn more about our business or our various services for shower tiling in Brisbane, contact us today. You can also request a free quote by filling out the form on our website.