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01/03/2013 Granite Sealing

Why seal granite? The benefits, process and services available to care for granite

01/03/2013 Grouting Tips

Thinking about carrying out a DIY re-grout job? Here are a few points to consider before starting to re-grout a bathroom.

07/01/2013 Tile Grout Filler

Tile grout comes in three forms - powder, pre-mixed and two-part epoxy grouts. All types of tile grout are now available in different colours to best match your existing grout or tile colour.

07/01/2013 Slate sealing products

What exactly is a slate sealing product and why is it so important to maintain the healthy beautiful condition of slate flooring. Sealing your slate areas can and will prevent damage saving you money long-term.

07/01/2013 Liquid limestone sealing

Just like limestone tiles, areas made from liquid limestone also need to be sealed.  Ensure you ask your service provider which sealant they are using on your limestone.

07/01/2013 Repair slate floor

Slate is a wonderful natural stone for the home, and with the right care, it can last you a lifetime. So if you've been thinking about replacing your damaged or stained slate floors, try repairing them instead. It will not only bring your slate floors back to life, it will also save you a bundle.

07/01/2013 Granite repair

Granite repairs can help by reducing or removing stains, fixing chips, and finishing the stone with either a honed or polished look. This not only makes the stone look like new again, but also highlights the natural beauty of the stone by bringing the colours back to life.

07/01/2013 How to fix a leaking shower base
  You will need to remove any of the old grout and sealants and ensure the area is totally dry before applying new grout. Ensure you use good high quality sealants.
07/01/2013 Rejuvenating and renovating showers
  Before you jump head first into major renovations take a look at rejuvenation options that will save you time and money.
07/01/2013 How to clean tiles

Stone and cermaic tiles, and grout, all have different requirements to clean and keep clean.

07/01/2013 Epoxy grout

Epoxy grout is the product of choice. Find out why.

31/10/2012 Slip resistant flooring

Learn more about Megagrip and the different levels of slip resistant flooring Megasealed can offer.

31/10/2012 Balcony tiling: How to tile a balcony

Tips and tricks from Megasealed when tiling your balcony

31/10/2012 Gold Coast Waterproofing: What Megasealed can offer

Ensure that your Gold Coast home is waterproofed by and expert, read this article to see what Megasealed have to say on this.

31/10/2012 Waterproofing your bathroom

Insight on preventing leaks in your bathroom, and taking the necessary precautions to waterproof your bathroom.

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Just wanted to send a quick note to say I have been battling for the last 3 years with my builder, the QBCC and the department of fair trading to get my 3 showers sealed. I was at the point of feeling physically sick everytime I had to sort out th…
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