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08/06/2016 How To Clean Natural Stone | Natural Stone Care Tips | Megasealed

Cleaning Natural Stone is important to get right as you can easily damage your granite, marble, limestone or travertine. Megasealed provide natural stone care tips in this free article on how to clean natural stone.

08/06/2016 DIY: Tile Cleaning Solutions & Tips

Your tiles are looking a little on the grimy side, despite your scrubbing and scrounging, and the chemical burns on your knees aren’t helping either – as far as tile cleaning products go, brutal is better, right? 

07/06/2016 Tavertine Tiles, Pavers & Flooring

The secrets of Travertine and the best ways to maintain its beauty.

25/08/2014 3 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Tile Sealer

Tile Sealants can be difficult to choose - Learn about the different types of tile sealing products and how to get the right results.

18/08/2014 3 Signs You Need a Leaky Shower Repair

Learn what to look for when you think you might have a leaky shower in this free article from Megasealed.

11/08/2014 3 Signs Marble Restoration Is In Your Near Future

There’s nothing quite like clean, pristine marble surfaces, highlighting your kitchens and bathroooms. Every interior designer and wannabe decorator covets the beautiful lines and authoritative tones marble can bring to a room, particularly if its installation is part of a renovation face lift.

21/07/2014 All About Grout: The Benefits of Epoxy

The time has come for a bathroom refresh or maybe you’re a builder chasing a new way of doing things – a better way, a cleaner way and epoxy seems to tick those boxes faster than good ol’ cement ever will. 

21/07/2014 Balcony Waterproofing: What You Need to Know Now

It’s raining again. Your sopping, slippery balcony has transformed an average downpour into a long-running nightmare – when it rains, it pools; when it pools, it crumbles and when it crumbles, the sealant goes to hell and don’t even mention the joints. When you first moved in, the condition report wasn’t too bad – a chip here, a crack there, small stuff. And today? Leaking balcony tiles. Mould, decay and the sickening stench of an inner damp lingers despite your best efforts. Your balcony waterproofing membrane is virtually non-existent. 

26/05/2014 Why Do Balconies Leak? Structural Building Movement

Understand why balconies leak, and why harsh cleaning product may not always be the best answer. Get the answers on what you can do to help here.

21/02/2014 Shower Leak Causes – Diagnosing a Leaking Shower – Shower Pan Hob Test

Learn what causes shower leaks and avoid costs associated with a plumber. In this free article from Megasealed, you will learn how to complete a shower pan hob test and potentially save thousands on repairs.

18/12/2013 Prevent Bathroom Mould – Remove Shower Mould – Tile Grout

Learn how to keep your shower and bathroom both mould and leak free. In this free article from Megasealed, you will learn tips on epoxy grout and other leak prevention techniques.

10/09/2013 Leaking Shower Tips Video - Home Inspection Tips

LJ Hooker often uses Megasealed to repair leaking showers and wet areas. Watch this short video and get some excellent tips when doing a property inspection. Find out how to easily check for water leaks on the property you are inspecting. If you notice any of these problems in your own property, contact Megasealed on 1300 689 839 to discuss a simple and easy repair.

15/08/2013 Megasealed Launches New Stone Restoration Services

Megasealed introduces a new service component of Natural Stone Restoration, as an addition to their core business of stopping leaking showers and balconies without removing tiles. These services can help fix the appearance of marble, travertine, ceasarstone, and other stone types by a clean, hone, polish and seal service.

01/03/2013 Bathroom renovations: cost effective options

Most effective way to rejuvenate your bathroom, and have a clean looking shower area!

01/03/2013 Tile Cleaning

Cleaning products: The best to use, and the best way to get use out of them for your natural stone, and ceramic tiles.

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