Stone Polishing

Our polish service includes a clean, polish, and seal with a Megasealed premium sealer
It is completely normal for natural stone surfaces, such as marble, granite, limestone, to become dull over time, and with use. All stone surfaces require regular cleaning, polishing and sealing to maintain their natural beauty.
Megasealed™ are Australia’s natural stone and restoration specialists.
Our natural stone Polish service includes a thorough cleaning of the area to be polished using a special MB cleaner and diamond cleaning pads. We then apply MB polishing powder and polish with polishing pads. Lightly buffing the polished surface to remove any polish residue Megasealed™ Stone Premium Sealer is applied. This service is suitable for both a polished and honed finish.
The MB cleaner, polishing powder and sealer are exclusive to Megasealed Australia™.

Where possible, our aim is to improve the gloss reading of your natural stone, post a Megasealed™ stone polish service.

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Testimonial: Joe C (VIC)
Hameed did an excellent job, was meticulous in his work and attention to detail and above all was very courteous. I have had ongoing leakage problems with this shower and hope that this service will rectify it once and for all.
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