Specifically designed to preserve polished stone floors installed in high-traffic areas. Easy to apply and to maintain, it offers tough protection while preserving a natural look!
A proprietary film-forming topical finish to help preserve the original shine on polished stone floors (marble, granite, etc.), installed in high traffic areas.
 Its unique formulation is based on specially selected copolymers that produce a high gloss while maintaining a very natural look (which won’t detract from the inherent beauty of polished marble or granite). Unlike other polymeric finishes, it consistently bonds to smooth surfaces with no problem and is extremely slip-resistant. It o­ffers a tough protection along with easy maintenance, when used together with our MB-1 Natural Stone Floor Cleaner. If properly applied and maintained it will never need stripping! This product does represent a breakthrough and cannot be compared with anything else available on the marketplace.

$49.95 inc GST. Postage additional.

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