Effectively repels oil and water from granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, quartzite, any other stone, and more. Seals grout, too!
For stone and more is a water-based penetrating sealer for all natural stones, grout, terracotta, concrete and any other kind of porous mineral and man-made material.
MB-4 seals (below surface) almost anything it is applied on, from any kind of waterborne discolouring agents and oil. MB-4 is warranted to be effective for at least 10 years for indoor applications – with the exception of polished stone floors when they are restored (refinished) – providing that the surface of the treated stone is maintained with compatible cleaning chemicals, such as our MB-1, MB-3, MB-5, MB-9, MB-17.
As with any other impregnator, MB-4 is not effective against scratches and other surface damages such as chemical etches (wrongly referred to as “water stains” or “rings”) produced by accidental spills of pH active substances such as vinegar, orange or lemon juice, wine, perfume, etc. or the use of non-specialty cleaning products. MB-4 will not alter the original colour of most stones. To make sure, test on a spare tile or scrap of slab (following directions) and let cure for at least 48 hours to see final appearance. Do not seal stones that don’t need to be sealed.

$59.95 inc GST. Postage additional


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