Dealing with a Leaky Balcony? Call Megasealed for Effective Balcony Waterproofing in Canberra

A balcony can be an awesome feature to have in your apartment or house. A spot to enjoy gorgeous views, people watching, warm breezes and much-needed fresh air? What’s not to love. Unfortunately, if a balcony isn’t waterproofed correctly when installed, it can quickly turn into the source of frustration and expense. Fortunately, if you are dealing with a leaky balcony in Canberra, you can always call Megasealed for help.

Not only can balcony leaks damage the balcony itself—resulting in loose tiles, cracked grout and other noticeable signs of wear and tear—but it can also start a chain reaction of problems for the rest of your home. Indeed, if your balcony has been compromised and is showing signs of water damage, you should think of balcony waterproofing in Canberra as a means of protecting the rest of your home from damage. Put simply, the balcony does not exist on its own but is a part of your house. Balcony leaks can easily lead to water damage and related structural problems elsewhere.


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Detecting Balcony Leaks

The good news is that most of the signs that indicate balcony leaks are hard to miss. If your balcony has loose tiles or surfaces, you will probably notice. The same goes for other tell-tale signs, such as cracking grout lines, calcification in tile grout, tiles that are changing colour or damage to paint or plaster. If you are using your balcony, you will likely spot these signs before your leaky balcony turns into a liability for the rest of the house.

If you suspect that you have a leaky balcony in Canberra, give Megasealed a call right away. Even if you have noticed just one or two of the symptoms above and aren’t sure you have a big problem, we can still help. Part of our balcony leak repair service is leak detection. Using state-of-the-art technology—including thermal imaging and electronic water detection—we can tell you 1) if you have balcony leaks, and 2) where they are. From this point, we can isolate the source of the leaks and focus on those problem areas to prevent future leaking and damage.

Our teams and franchisees have access to proprietary epoxies and sealants from the Megasealed brand. Using these substances, we can effectively repair leak areas on your balcony and waterproof it thoroughly to ensure that the leaks don’t recur in future. These products are backed with 25-year warranties, so you don’t need to worry about their longevity or reliability.

Learn More about Balcony Waterproofing in Canberra; Call Megasealed Today

A well-built and effectively waterproofed balcony is a delightful place to spend time—especially on sunny days. When the waterproofing on a balcony fails, though, it can go downhill and start showing signs of damage very quickly. Don’t ignore these signs. Instead, call Megasealed today and enquire about our balcony waterproofing in Canberra today.