Repair Your Leaking Balcony and Protect It for the Future with Balcony Waterproofing in Brisbane

A balcony can be a great place to sit and read the paper over a morning cup of coffee, or to unwind and enjoy the outdoors after a long day at work. However, if you aren’t careful, your balcony can turn into a liability for the rest of your home. A balcony that hasn’t been waterproofed effectively introduces several risks that can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Fortunately, with a simple call to Megasealed, you can repair your leaking balcony in Brisbane and protect it from future damage.


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The Problem with a Leaky Balcony

Look at your balcony. Do you see cracks along the grout in the tile work? Are the tiles themselves looking mouldy or discoloured? Is the grout gone altogether, leaving the tiles loose? These issues and other signs of wear and tear leave your balcony looking ugly and worn down—not something you want in the first place. The bigger problem, though, is what is happening underneath the tiles.

When the seals and grout lines in your balcony wear down, they leave spaces for water to intrude and build up underneath. Over time, this moisture build-up can cause structural damage to adjoining parts of the home, mould growth and nasty odours. In some cases, the damage and rot caused by a leaky balcony can even attract termites.

As you can see, a leaking balcony in Brisbane is a problem not just for the balcony space itself, but to the rest of your house. Balcony leaks can lead to water damage problems in other parts of your house, sometimes even causing structural weaknesses. If a balcony leak draws termites to your home, meanwhile, you could be looking at much more significant structural damage to your home—and much higher repair costs—in the future.

Megasealed: Providing Balcony Waterproofing in Brisbane

Fortunately, you don’t need to accept these fates just because your balcony has a leak or two. At Megasealed, we can provide balcony repair and balcony waterproofing in Brisbane. In most cases, we won’t even need to remove or replace your tile to get the job done.

Instead, our balcony repair services typically take one of two forms. The first and simplest option is to remove all the grout and perimeter joints of your existing tilework and replace it using Megasealed epoxies. The second option is a ‘tile over’ service, where we prime and waterproof your existing balcony surfaces, but then overlay them with brand new, sealed tilework.

Which service is best for you will depend on the level of damage and water intrusion. Megasealed can determine the extent by both using thermal imaging and electronic water detection technologies.

We believe that a balcony is meant to be enjoyed, not feared. With proper waterproofing, your balcony needn’t pose a bigger risk to your property than any other part of the home. To enquire about our balcony waterproofing in Brisbane, contact us today.