Prevent Bathroom Mould – Remove Shower Mould – Tile Grout

Australia has a lot of humidity as well as high temperatures, and in all seasons mould easily grows on surfaces which are porous, damp and don’t get much sunlight. Generally,

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It’s a horrible feeling when you realise your shower is leaking. The thought of tradies trumping through your home, whilst dealing with a situation that is unknown to you can

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There’s nothing more damaging to the value of your home than a leaking balcony. Well, it’s only water, you think, shrugging off the slowly cracking grout as something to deal

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It’s raining again. Your sopping, slippery balcony has transformed an average downpour into a long-running nightmare – when it rains, it pools; when it pools, it crumbles and when it

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You’ve discovered the joys of DIY and spend your weekends scouring the shelves of your favourite home improvement warehouse, searching for the next round of must-have products to transform your

Tavertine Tiles, Pavers & Flooring

Travertine has been used to create some of the world’s most beautiful buildings for centuries, including the Colosseum in Rome. Today, Travertine is one of the most versatile, luxurious and

DIY: Tile Cleaning Solutions & Tips

tile cleaning tips Your tiles are looking a little on the grimy side, despite your scrubbing and scrounging, and the chemical burns on your knees aren’t helping either – as