How to Clean Tiles

Keeping your tiles looking new is all about knowing what type of cleaning regime is right for the tile you have. Stone tiles Because stone tiles are made from natural

renovating bathroom shower

Rejuvenating and renovating showers

You might have heard the terms ‘rejuvenating’ and ‘renovating’ being bantered about, but what is the difference between these terms when it comes to your shower? Well, for one thing,

granite repair

Granite Repair

Granite is one of the hardest types of stones available for creating beautiful counter tops or for tiling areas in your home. Hard as it is, though, like all natural

repair slate floor

Repair slate floor

If your slate is looking forlorn, don’t give up on it! Repairing your slate floor can add new life to older tiles, and bring back the stone’s natural colour and

liquid limestone sealing

Liquid limestone sealing

Liquid Limestone is a great alternative to pavers for outdoor areas in particular. Rather than the limestone being laid one tile at a time, liquid limestone is laid as one

Slate sealing products

If you have slate flooring or tiled recesses in or outside of your home, chances are that it has become faded, scratched or stained over time. This is because, unlike

tile grout filler

Tile Grout Filler

Every house contracts and expands as it moves through the seasons, and over many years, the grout between the tiles of shower recesses, bathroom areas and floors will begin to

Grouting Tips

Published : 11/30/2018 If you are thinking of re-grouting your bathroom, there are a few important issues to keep in mind. Here’s a list to consider: Always remove all of

Granite Sealing

As a natural stone, granite is susceptible to stains and colour damage, particularly if it’s not maintained properly. Sealing granite will protect it more effectively, extending the life and enhancing

Tile Cleaning

Tiles are made from a wide range of materials, from natural granite and marble to manufactured ceramic. Effective cleaning of your tiles begins with knowing what materials your tiles are