Leaking Showers Sydney

A leaking shower is no small problem if left unchecked. In Sydney, the weather ranges from hot and humid summers to cold and rainy winters, which means that throughout the

marble restoration

Marble Restoration Sydney

Marble is renowned for its strength and beauty, but a few years normal wear and tear can leave it looking less than lustrous. Restoring the marble in your home can

leaking shower repairs

Shower Repairs

There comes a time in the life of every shower when it will need some repairs, and more often than not, if these shower repairs are left unattended, they can

Gold Coast Waterproofing: What Megasealed can offer

If you’re living in the Gold Coast area and need cost effective and reliable waterproofing services, then look no further than Megasealed. Megasealed have developed the most effective waterproofing products

How to Tile a Leaking Balcony

Tiling your balcony can help you create a beautiful, durable and easily maintainable recreation area, but there are a few must-dos before you start mixing up your grout. Let’s start

Slip resistant flooring

Slip resistant flooring can significantly reduce the potential for injury in your home or commercial premises, particularly for the elderly or children. Slippery tiles or areas that become slippery when

How to clean tiles

Keeping your tiles looking like new is all about knowing what type of cleaning regime is right for the tile you have. Stone tiles Because stone tiles are made from

Rejuvenating and renovating showers

You might have heard the terms ‘rejuvenating’ and ‘renovating’ being bantered about, but what is the difference between these terms when it comes to your shower? Well, for one thing,

Granite repair

Granite is one of the hardest types of stones available for creating beautiful counter tops or for tiling areas in your home. Hard as it is, though, like all natural

Repair slate floor

If your slate is looking forlorn, don’t give up on it! Repairing your slate floor can add new life to older tiles, and bring back the stone’s natural colour and