How to Remove and Replace Grout from Tiles?

Ceramic tiles are unquestionably one of the most durable tiling solutions when it comes to leaky bathrooms. Not only are they the most durable, but they are perhaps the most

leaking balcony repair service in Sydney

Megasealed Leaking Balcony Repair Services in Sydney

Due to the oversupply of contractors, leaking balconies are becoming a prevalent problem in Sydney. Builders are no longer focused on quality, but rather the turnover of jobs – it’s

epoxy grout

Megasealed Tiles and Tribulations

Leaking balconies are a landlord’s worst nightmare. Not only are they difficult to fix but they almost always break the bank. Cracks in your balcony flooring are often caused by

white building with green plants on balconies

Balcony Repairs and Maintenance: An “Essential” Service

Leaky balconies and cracked tiles happen, regardless of international pandemics. As a tenant you have the right to live in a safe and fully functioning apartment, no matter what is

leaking shower

Determine the Cause Of A Leaking Shower?

A leaking shower can increase your water bill exponentially, not to mention the dripping sound you can hear coming from your ensuite while you try to sleep is just plain

bathroom rejuvenation

Bathroom Inspection Checklist

Never judge a book by its cover, but always judge a home by its bathroom. As a buyer or seller, a bathroom has the potential to make or break your

tiling solution for your bathroom or balcony

Megasealed How To Choose The Right Tiling Solution

Are the tiles of your bathroom starting to look old? Maybe it’s time to kill two birds with one stone, rejuvenate your bathroom, and at the same time get rid

leaking showers

Shower Seal and Repairs Without Removing Tiles

Do you remember picking out your bathroom tiles? The hours of thought you put into deciding which tile would best suit your house’s ‘personality.’ The same tiles that threatened the

leaking shower

Megasealed Leaking shower repair services in Sydney

A leaking shower is never a good sign for a homeowner as it greatly reduces the value of any property. Urgency is key when it comes to leak repairs, so

facade moisture from the balcony

Balcony Nightmares: Fixing Leaking Balconies For Good

Balconies are prone to leaks as they are exposed to the harsh Aussie elements all year round. If you suspect you are in need of leaking balcony repairs, it is