Causes of leaking showers

Why do showers leak and balconies leak? The most common cause of leaking showers and leaking balconies is due to building movement and settlement causing weakening or cracking of grout,

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How to fix a leaking shower

How to fix a shower leak or balcony leak – can you DIY? For the budding DIY property owner there is always the option of doing it yourself. Unfortunately the

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Why do showers leak?

No one wants a leaking shower. Not only can it do damage to your house, it can cause unwanted smells, damage to surrounding areas, dampness and attract white ants. And

Leaking Shower

Leaking showers can affect your health

Not only do leaking showers drive you mad, as it takes a lot of effort to clean all that mould and dirt that can be caused by a leaking wet

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Dripping shower different to leaking shower

What are the early signs of a leaking shower? Shower walls and grout have a build up of mould Discoloured tiles or grout in or around shower Smell caused by

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It’s always better to be safe than sorry. For that reason most of us go for regular dentist check ups to make sure we can nip any serious problems straight

10 reasons why you should call Megasealed for your leaking balcony

Have you have enough of the damage done to your property by a leaking balcony and do you want a quick and cost effective solution? Speak with the experts at

10 reasons why you should call Megasealed for your leaking shower

Are you dealing with a leaking, seeping shower and have you had enough of the build up of dirt and mould it causes? Not to mention the damage it can

Bathroom and Kitchen: the most important rooms

Bathroom and Kitchen: the most important rooms! When you are selling your house you want to make sure you put your best foot forward. Making sure that your house looks

Shower Repairs, Melbourne

When it comes to shower repairs, speed and quality are the hallmarks of a good repair service. Problems with your shower will only ever get worse if they are not