4 Things to Consider for An Outdoor Shower

4 Things to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Shower

Posted on 2022-04-23

Summer is coming and what better way to enjoy the weather than to have a shower out in nature. This can be achieved by installing an outdoor shower in your backyard or garden. They’re the perfect stylish addition to the home, ideal for after swimming or just to cool off.

Here are some considerations to help inspire your designs:

1.   Location Of Your Shower

The location of your garden shower is the first decision you should make.  A shower near the pool is ideal for quickly rinsing off chlorine before entering your home. If you live near a beach, then this type of shower is also perfect for washing off any sand as well as your surfboards. For privacy concerns, installing a screen or building walls should also be considered. Having anti-slip tiles for this type of shower will also help prevent any accidents from occurring as you exit the pool.

2.   Plumbing For Your Shower

Outdoor showers usually come in two types: portable and stationary models.

Portable showers can easily be moved to different locations and only require a hose to be connected to a water source. A single-hose model will only provide cold water while a double hose can supply both cold and hot water.

Stationary showers are often mounted to walls and require more professional installation with the hose and pipes being hidden. These pipes are usually made from more durable metal in comparison to the PVC used in portable showers. However, because of being hidden behind walls, pipe maintenance is more difficult, especially when the possibility of leaks arises.

Consider talking to professionals such as Megasealed, if you are concerned about the shower leaking behind the wall.

3.   Materials Used for Your Shower

The materials used to design your outdoor shower should take the climate into consideration. Providing good ventilation and exposure to sunlight will help prevent mould and keep your shower clean. Powder-coated or stainless-steel frames will stop rust and look stylish in your gardens. Wood slats are perfect for outdoor showers as they allow water to run through into the ground drainage. For stationary showers, tiling may also be used to add a more permanent fixture in your home.

4.   Be Kind to The Environment

When building an outdoor shower, it is essential to consider the impact on the environment. This is especially important for stationary showers. Large amounts of water runoff along with soaps and other body products can affect the surrounding area over time. Consider hiring a professional for proper drainage installation.

If you have floor tiles, then consulting professionals such as Megasealed to regrout showers will also go a long way in preventing water from leaking into the soil and damaging the rest of your garden.

Designing an outdoor shower requires thought into several factors to ensure that it will both fit in your garden and not damage the rest of your home. Once installed though, this shower is a stylish way to enjoy the summer heat and get you closer to nature.

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