Anti-Smell Waste Floor Grate

A great safety feature, valuables like jewellery can be easily recovered.
The Anti-smell Waste Floor Grate has come about due to consumer demand for a permanent product to prevent bad smells coming back up the drain.

The unique Anti-smell Waste solves these problems with an integral water seal that is easily maintained. The distinctive features of the grate also stop suds foaming up through the grate. A great safety feature, valuables like jewellery can also be recovered.

Ideal for homes, units, high-rises, resorts, motels, hospitals and septic tanks the benefits are clear:

  • Stops smelly drains
  • Can be used in bathroom, ensuite or laundry
  • Water can still transmit through as normal
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No moving parts
  • No chemicals

The Anti-smell Waste Floor Grate costs $88 including GST fully installed. There are 2 sizes available.

1.  75 ml grill and 90ml grate
2.  80 ml grill and 100ml grate

To enquire or order an Anti-smell Waste Floor Grate please call us on 1300 658 007.

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