Terms and Conditions for Money-Back Guarantee - Leaking Showers & Balconies

17.1 If Megasealed Bathrooms is required to stop a leak as part of the Work, Megasealed Bathrooms shall within 12 months from the Completion Date give the Owner a full refund of any money paid by the Owner for the Work, if Megasealed Bathrooms is unable to stop the leak (“Refund”) subject to the following provisions:
17.1.1 The leak must have existed before Megasealed Bathrooms commenced the Work and continued after the Completion Date;
17.1.2 If the Owner intends to claim a Refund the Owner must serve a Notice of Claim as provided in clause 18.1 and allow Megasealed Bathrooms a Site Inspection as provided in clause 18.2;
17.1.3 Megasealed Bathrooms must be given the opportunity to rectify the leak within 28 days of the Site Inspection (“Rectification Period”);
17.1.4 If Megasealed Bathrooms is unable to rectify the leak within the Rectification Period Megasealed Bathrooms will give the Owner the Refund within 14 days after the end of the Rectification Period;
17.1.5 The 12 month period will commence on the Completion Date;
17.1.6 The Refund will not be payable by Megasealed Bathrooms if any of the circumstances in clauses 16.1.2-16.1.6 caused or contributed to the leak. For the avoidance of doubt, as an example, if the leak is not stopped due to a plumbing issue that was not known to Megasealed Bathrooms when it attended the Site to quote for the Work, Megasealed Bathrooms will not be required to give the Refund to the Owner.

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Terms and Conditions for Money-Back Guarantee - Stone Restoration Solutions

13.1 Megasealed guarantees to improve your existing gloss reading. If we cannot improve on the existing gloss reading of your stone on completion of the work by us, we will give you a full refund of the price you paid us for the service

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